Two young Italian sculptors, Edoardo Tresoli and Gonzalo Borondo, managed to put together a project full of imagination. They worked together on a project called CHAINED, which is actually an artwork that is part sculpture and part painting. The public artwork is positioned on a wall at the University of Milano-Bicocca in Milan,Italy.

This street art is made in such way that it looks like it is alive, trying to “get out” of the wall. It’s practicly 3D art. We tried to find out more about this art work, but no other info is said. The photographer of CHAINED is The Blind Eye Factory.

But, thanks to CHAINED, we did add to our artists collection two other ones, Tesoli and Borondo. In the following days, we will try to find some other projects of the two, and sum it up in a kickass article, because they deserve it.

If you want to be ahead of us and if you are curious, you can find them in their website and on Behance.