Ladies, listen up! We always have trouble with our bags don’t we? We always have to decide whether we choose fashion/looks or utility/space. We seem to have found the solution! Fashion design brand FINELL,designed their first handbag collection. Their design is quite unique because their inspiration came from Origami. The result: Origami inspired handbags! It both looks amazing and spacious. This collection contains 5 styles, but all of them are based on the same concept of origami: AXIS, VOX, RAE, VERSUS and ISO.

The AXIS Handbag for example is a cross-body bag with adjustable strap. You can wear it flat or carry more in the bag for a more dimensional look, made of premium US leather. It is accessorized with simple metal hardware and a matte black finish, and Microfiber-lined interior with zippered pocket. To preserve it’s shape, do not crush. You need to protect it from humidity, liquid, and excessive exposure to sunlight.

Senior Designer, Maddy Busch and CEO/Chief Designer, Rebecca Finell, have shared with the potential customers their thoughts about designing the bag:

“This is the first handbag line Finell Co has created. Our backgrounds are in Industrial Design which we feel comes across in the design of these bags. As two female designers, we were frustrated by the handbag market which was flooded with chunky hardware and bags without form, making it hard to carry and access its contents. So we decided to take on the challenge of designing a bag line that paired fashion and function.
When designing the handbag line, we wanted the bags to be sculptural pieces that would move and change shape to the wearer and their contents inside. Origami inspired and supported this idea and we began to folding paper and building many mock ups.

We are starting with 5 styles of bags and additional accessories that each identify with their own unique function, for example, folding flat or popping open and shut. We spent a year dialing in how to get the structure of the facets to give the bag its form while still allowing the leather to flex and soften.”

This being said, check out more of the Origami inspired handbags (which come in different,shapes,colors, and names) by visiting FINELL’s website, and maybe you’ll end up buying one for yourselves!

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