Minions. You know ’em. Those obnoxiously cute little dudes are everywhere, and they’re pretty hard to miss. They wined our heart after seeing them perform in Despicable Me and people went nuts after the Minions movie – a full 90 minutes of “evil” shenanigans starring the scene-stealing yellow henchmen. We’ve watched them transform into lovable mischief-makers and face off against their purple enemies. We’ve seen how they have a special knack for collaboration, and a special love for yellow fruits.

After this, many became certifiably Minion – obsessed and raised the bar pretty high. We give you, MINION TATTOOS! No judging here, it is a funny way to show your love and pay a tribute to these little trouble-makers. In fact, David Beckham got one for himself, made by his daughter. Of course, she added a fake one, with a wash-off ink, on her dad. But still.

We’ve selected some of the best 30 Minions Tattoos, because you know we love tattoos and, why lie, we love MINIONS!! BELLO!

minions tattoos 1\james bond minion


tattoo cartoon

23219-minions tattoos


british bido-bido

Dave minions

despicable me 1


dispicable me 2

little me



iron man

fireman 2

despicable me 22

drunk despicable me

tattoo despicable me

minions tattoos 2

minions tattoos 3

beer tattoos 4

more little pricks

motorcycle minion





zombie tattoo