Nowadays, when it comes to listening to music, everyone plugs in their headphones or earplugs into the phone, or Ipod and presses PLAY. In order to avoid the ordinary, industrial designer Roy Harpaz has created a vertical, egg-shaped standing record player called TOC. When he was creating TOC, Roy had in mind two fundamental aspects: clean and simple ( a mere design,easy to use).

The record player has a linear tracking system implemented, in order to properly capture the analog sound, and in the same time, it allows you to handle it easily via remote control or via LED touch buttons ( situated on the front panel). Users are also able to skip tracks, thanks to its sensor that scans the tracks on every vinyl inserted. It works with a linear tracking system to capture the good old analog sound and of course allows for easy operation via remote control – but also via LED touch buttons on the front panel.

But what if you have old records left somewhere in the attic and you can’t listen to your favorite ones because they are old and scratched? Forget about it, because even warped records can now be played without any problem. TOC  also comes with a built-in carbon fibers brush that captures the dust, cleaning the disk while it spins. Users can easily skip between tracks, thanks to a sensor that scans the tracks on each vinyl inserted.

Putting aside all the technical information, the aesthetic aspect itself is genius! It is made of pure wood, giving it a natural aspect and you can enjoy the sound while you view the record spinning. We think that it makes a great loving room accessory.

If you want to find out more about Roy Harpaz’s unique standing record player,( where the idea came from, design drawings,or a possible pre-order) you can check out his website.

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