Summer is the season of playful and colorful accessories, the season in which you can accessorize everything, combine and mix and match. We’ve found on Etsy some adorable animal brooches, the ones that can make the difference.

Designed by ShishLOOK, owned by Croatian Natasa Krajacec, these tiny brooches are made of quality natural materials, using a soft and beautiful needle felted merino wool. The handmade jewelry pieces are made in a natural and unique attentive way. She dedicated her time to create handcrafted high-quality accessories, maintaining an emphasis on quality and ensuring that you receive a superior product you can be proud to wear.

Her cute little fuzzy animal collection include a sleepy multicolored fox, a set of prehistorical owls, multicolored bears with flowers, hanging sloths, hedgehogs, elephants, squirrels, mice, koala bears and bunnies. She currently does this for a hobby, but we hope not for too long, because she has some great taste and skills. ( “Currently this is my hobby and I am making my creations in my living room surrounded with my children’s smiles and curiosity. I hope that one day I will have my own creative studio and that my creations will became source of financial stability for my children which will learn a lesson that persistence pays off, providing them life time motivation.” )

Check out our imaginary zoo below, and choose a favorite animal from the variety, to match it with anything you want! They are just too cute to be ignored! Enjoy!

BEAR animal brooches

SLOTH animal brooches

SQUIRELL animal brooches

KOALA anima brooches

OWL brooches

FOXES anima brooches made of wool

HEDGEHOG animal brooches