Today we land in a field with which we’ve grown-up: cartoons! Everyone of us heard about and watched at least once Looney Tunes! We practicly grew up with it. A few days ago, a video about Chuck Jones ( the director of the Looney Tunes animated films and short films), explaining how he made so many short films everyone on the planet could relate to.

This retrospective by Every Frame a Painting, including archival interviews with Chuck Jones (1912-2002), would be a good place to start and see what a true master-mind of visual comedy he really was, is and always will be. His incredible result didn’t appear overnight. It was a long process – this video explains this process by detail. It explains how complex the structures of the cartoons are.

Nearly every gag follows a classic two-part structure: the first part leads you to make an assumption and the second part proves it wrong ( Assumption and Reality ). A very good example and in our oppinion one of the greatest short film ever made is Daffy Duck’s “Duck Amuck”. The outcoming? The jokes were fantastic, happening one after another, leaving no room for boredom. Just when you stopped laughing, it hit you again.

The difference between these good old Looney Tunes films and the cartoon nowadays is that the gags are only the surface level, and the real hard work was put into building each and every character.

For what is worth, these short, very amusing, movies, will remain among us as long as we will be, and will be playing on every type of screens. We invite you to learn who Chuck Jones, Groucho Marx and Jimmy Durante really were and learn to appreciate them more. With this we tried to share with other what we’ve found out and paying a tribute to them. Enjoy the film because we all need to learn from it and if you didn’t have enough, we strongly recommend to read some of his books such as “9 Rules of the Coyote and the Road Runner” or “Chuck Amuck: The Life and Times of an Animated Cartoonist“.