As we all know, watches are commonplace items that perform a simple, primary function: they tell time. Yet, they can be surprisingly difficult to select due to the sheer number of choices. It is very difficult to find a good affordable watch, a watch with a good price, with mechanical movements and from a trusted brand. Today we make a new incursion in the world of watch designs with a new stunning, out of the ordinary wristwatch designed by TokyoFlash, Japan entitled Kisai Blade Wood Link LED Watch.

As the name inferred, it comes with a rotating LED time display concealed behind a dark sandalwood surface, featuring Kisai Link seamlessly integrated into the strap so you can receive call, email, SMS and social alerts direct to your wrist, a strap which is adjustable, making it suitable for everyone.

It has two time displays called Turning Mode and Flashing Mode. In flashing mode, the LED blades show hours and minutes at a glance. The lit blade indicates the hour, the flashing blade indicates 5 minute groups and four dots indicate exact minutes 1-4. In the second display, the LED blades spin around the face highlighting three blades in turn which indicate the hour and minutes. It’s super easy to follow if you imagine the blades as numbers on a clock. It also has a hidden 3d display called the Animation Mode. This feature, besides the fact that it is made of wood, makes it special. When turned on, the vivid LED blades rotate rapidly, like a carousell, once every 15 minutes between 6pm and midnight.

If you connect it to your phone, you can receive notifications from Facebook, Facebook Messenger, LINE, QQ, Skype, Twitter, WeChat, WhatsApp and more. Also, you can send yourself little mementos or, if needed, you can use your “Find Phone” function

It is very comfortable to use, because it is USB rechargeable. It recharges quickly, is about 3.5 hours and one charge will last for a whole month.

If you find this design rather classical, visit their website and you’ll find a whole range of sandal wood watch designs and who knows, maybe you’ll end up purchasing one.

kisai blade wood link watch

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