Compact living. It’s not just for those who live in tiny apartments! In fact, whether a family resides in a one-bedroom rental or a three-bedroom house, chances are its members will claim to need more space. Therefore, it’s no surprise that furniture that maximize utility while minimizing space are in high demand.

Today’s post highlights the perks of strategic furniture selection with BedUp, a revamped Murphy bed for 21st-century urbanites designed by French furniture company Décadrages.

There are several different approaches in creating an ingenious space saving bed for small rooms. BedUp maximizes vertical space within your home by fitting with its equation in an orderly way. The design allows the bed to be retracted from the ceiling when needed, but hangs overhead otherwise.

This is a good option for homes with high ceilings but not much floor space. With BedUp, you can have a complete sofa set and when it’s time to sleep, the bed can be lowered from the ceiling without touching the sofa. If it’s a bit high, simply add a ladder that matches the bed’s design. And since you add your own mattress, it will be as comfortable as you make it.

A slew of new space-saving furniture selections are now available on the market, but BedUp by Décadrages manages to get noticed by the fact that not only it saves space, it looks good doing it. With BedUp you not only have more space saved for your necessities; you also have more space to play with in terms of creating a well designed and well planned home.

Scroll down to see this awesome bed that goes up and down leaving your walls free for cabinets, shelves, windows and everything else that is necessary.

BedUp - Space Saving Bed That Drops Down From The Ceiling (1)

Space Saving Bed For Small Rooms - BedUp (2)

BedUp - Space Saving Bed That Drops Down From The Ceiling

Space Saving Bed For Small Rooms - BedUp (1)

Space Saving Furniture For Small Rooms - BedUp (1)

Space Saving Bed For Small Rooms - BedUp (5)

Space-Saving Bed - BedUp

BedUp (5)

BedUp (6)