As you know, our fascination for Transylvania, the place beyond the forest, is growing more and more. We think that the most beautiful region of Romania is far from being apreciated at its true value. Alongside The Financial Times, another name caught our attention: Magura Village from Brasov County.

Between the Bucegi Mountains and the Massive of Piatra Craiului, this coquettish little village is scattered all over the hills, isolated from time and the rest of the world. It is close to the Bran castle, famous because of the links to Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler) and to the legends of Dracula. Here, the people manage to “interlace” the “gifts” of civilization with an archaic and pastoral lifestyle. It is secluded by the annoying everyday sounds of the asphalt and crowded cities, with breathtaking sceneries and hardworking people who live the harsh life of the mountains. When you get there, they kindly smile and invite you to pass their threshold, handing you on a plate all of their specific fresh goodies.

It’s almost as if The Hand Of God laid Magura here, hiding and protecting it from the chaotic lifestyle of ours. It simply has so much beauty that it clutters and delights our senses at the same time. It’s the sound of small streams, the chirps of happy birds, the smell of fresh resin coming from the huge virgin woods, or the smell of dry hay. All these things, gathered in one unique place makes you flinch. So unique, that many people don’t think that Transylvania really exists; the feeling is that it’s somehow beyond the veil, a place of mystery.

Magura and its 400 inhabitants have attracted the attention of the prestigious British newspaper, which, in the House & Home news section, tells the story of Arabella McIntyre-Brown, a british journalist and history book author. After visiting “Dracula’s Land”, she chose to leave everyting behind and start a new life there. She did this because when she first visited Magura, she got the “home sweet home” feeling. She took the journey over the hills and far away in a plain cart pulled by horses. She wasn’t bothered by the fact that the nearest up-to-date store was miles away.

The writer decided to move to Romania in 2004, after the death of his mother and sister, but settled permanently in Magura in 2010, when she finished renovated her house.

We really want to show as many people as we can that this is Transylvania! If you want to know more about her story, you can find her full version of the story here.

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