Our list of amazing tattoo designs is growing more and more as the days pass! After those amazingly detailed lace tattoos, we bring you something similar to that: the baroque tattoo style.

The Baroque tattoo style in all its art forms, uses exaggerated motion and clear, easily interpreted detail to produce drama, tension, exuberance, and grandeur from sculpture, painting, literature, music and now in tattoos! The resulting images are direct, obvious and dramatic, trying to draw the viewer in to participate in the scene. The depictions feel physically and psychologically real, emotionally intense and yet feminine and masculine at the same time.

Because of its extravagant ornamentation, this particular style of tattooing requires mad skills. From this point of view, the baroque it’s kind of similar to the filigree and lace tattoos. If the artist is really good all baroque tattoos he makes looks incredibly realistic. It is really vivid if the areas chosen for tattoo are wrists or neck. Abstract drawings are very typical for baroque tattoos preferably chosen by the clients as the decorations for their bodies.

Also, there is a possibility to make a baroque tattoo of a flower, butterfly, bird or any other animal. All tattoos of this kind are created using a complicated combination of unique tracery, floral elements, and complex ornaments. There is also a common thing for the tattoo style to make tattoos of owls, stags, peacocks, roses and lilies. The choice of the tattoo idea depends on the personal desires and the artist’s capabilities. A skillful artist can make a simple tattoo idea, a simple object looks like an incredibly beautiful luxury masterpiece full of astonishing ornaments and forms typical for baroque tattoo style. Another special feature of the style is that it gives a possibility to make one single tattoo spreading on different body parts.

As we already said, it requires some kick-ass talent, but if these intricate designs are masterfully executed, you’ll be the owner of the extreme meticulosity.

If you like fancy and exuberant tattoos, then you will love the following set of photos.

baroque style tattoo

baroque tattoo 4

baroque tattoo 5

realistic tattoo

tattoo style 3

scissor baroque style


baroque skull

baroque style tattoo 1

baroque style tattoo 6

baroque style tattoo 11

Baroque style tattoo Flower

baroque tattoo 3

baroque tattoo 6




filigree and lace tattoos

filigree tattoo

filigree tattoos



lace and baroque tattoo


tattoo style

tattoo style 1

tattoo style 2

tattoo style 4