Autumn mood: ON. As from today, judging by the weather outside, sadly, autumn is here and the whole “astheny” starts to kick in. We are trying to look at the bright side of the problem, because we think that some of our feelings are being emphasized by the rain, wind and eventually…snow. We start to feel a little bit…more romantic and we want to express our feelings more towards our beloved one. After all, fall is a romantic season…With the help of Nidhi Chanani, a freelance illustrator and artist, and the owner of Everyday Love Art, we want to present her “everyday love” project.

Love is the desire to give what is yours, to share and to feel the happiness of the other one as if it would be yours. Many may say that these words are true, but there are others, guided by pure selfishness, avoiding sharing with the loved ones, and even more, trying to diminish the last bit of happiness by whims and discontents.

More often, without having ever experienced this feeling, they tend to believe that love is like in those cheesy romance movies in which he gives the moon to his beautiful girlfriend. Well, in real life things are not always that rosy. Sometimes, love tends to takes a “grey-y” shade, simply because that’s love. Real love. It is important for us to realize that love is not reflected by expensive gifts, but in the simple gestures that can make life more beautiful.

We guarantee that you’ll fall in love with her work, and we wish that you’ll find yourselves in at least a couple of these everyday happy moments with your pair.

#Going travelling together…

everyday love1

everyday love2


Illustration of couple sharing a dumpling


everyday love4

# Walking in the rain, cuddling under one umbrella…

everyday love5

#Day-dreaming together…

everyday love6

#Goofing around like the world is yours…

nidhi chanani love5

everyday love8

#Just sitting in each other’s arms…

everyday love9

love 1

love 3

#Being romantic…


#Summer nights

love 2

#Sharing the happy moment when he comes home from work…

nidhi chanani love

#Sharing every morning…

Illustration of couple cuddling in bed


#Sharing the same habits…

nidhi chanani love3

nidhi chanani love4

nidhi chanani love6

nidhi chanani love7

#Sharing the same hopes and ideas about the future…

nidhi chanani love8

#Sharing your favorite food…

nidhi chanani love9

nihdi chanani love

#Share the same life ’till the end…
love till the end