After our top 20 most beautiful abandoned places around the world, we bring you another article of this kind, but this time with a top 20 mystical bridges that take you to a whole other world.

We all know that bridges have an important role in our lives because they facilitate our existence, allowing people to travel over canyons, rivers, streams, seas and oceans. It lets us have access to places where nature has chosen to separate.

Bridges seem like a simple invention, but they’re actually quite complex. Engineers who build bridges must think about the distance to be covered, as well as the type of traffic that will cross the bridge. A bridge for cars and trains must be stronger than a simple bridge for foot travel.

But some of these buildings are true masterpieces, forming wonderful landscape. Their architecture transform the landscapes into a true work of art. Whether old or new, built in the square, wood or iron, these following bridges give the impression that you are connected to another world, a fantastic realm. Take a quick trip by scrolling through our selection of the photos.

#1.  Carrbridge bridge, Scotland


#2. Gapstow bridge, USA


#3. Gaztelugatxe bridge, Spain

gaztelugatxe bridge

#4. George De L’areuse, Swtizerland

George De L’areuse, swtizerland

#5. Glenfinnan bridge, Scotland

glenfinnan bridge

#6. Hermitage bridge, Scotland

hermitage bridge

#7. Huangshan bridge, China

Huangshan, china

#8. Latefossen bridge, Norway

Latefossen bridge

#9. Merced bridge USA

merced bridge usa

#10. Misarela bridge, Portugal

Misarela bridge, portugal

#11. Mullerthal bridge, Luxembourg

mullerthal bridge, luxembourg

#12. Multnomah bridge, USA

Multnomah bridge, USA.

#13. Ponte Del Diavolo Sul Serchio, Spain

Ponte Del Diavolo Sul Serchio

#14. Rakotz Brücke bridge, Germany

Rakotz Brücke bridge, germany

#15. Rhodope bridge, Bulgaria

Rhodope bridge, bulgaria

#16. Ronda bridge, Spain

ronda bridge, spain

#17. Sahara bridge, Yemen

sahara bridge, yemen

#18. Stari Most bridge, Bosnia & Herzegovina

stari most bridge, bosnia & herzegovina

#19. Tollymore bridge, UK

Tollymore bridge, UK

#20. Zagorohoria, Greece

Zagorohoria, Greece

 And a bonus : 

bridge from germany