We’re back in the game with our favorite topic, which is INK. We continue our fabulous series of highly talented artists with Jessica Kinzer who is currently tattooing with Rabauke Tattoo and Arts, in Neu-Ulm, Germany. After you see what she’s done, you won’t believe us when we tell you that she has only been doing this for…a year!!

Jessica masters in monochromatic baroque designs that feature stylized flowers and elegant flourishes. To shade these sprawling pieces, she pricks the skin with countless tiny dots and creates a stippled effect. Her dot tattoos are rather ornamental, using mandalas and flowers in all shapes.These highly symbolic themes coupled with Kinzer’s noteworthy skills produce works that are eye-catching in their intricacy.

Above all, her work comes with an incredible amount of detailing comprised of thousands of small dots. Dotwork tattoos are one of the most intricate styles, and the shading created by thousands of pricks to the skin results in an almost 3D final product. It’s probably a painful process, but the result makes it totally worth it!

The complexity within each tattoo reveals Kinzer’s meticulous eye for detail as she utilizes a variety of themes. Her talent is genuine, producing stunning and powerful body art. Just look at these ornamental tattoo beauties!


jessica kinzer

dot tattoo

dot tattoo 1

dot tattoo 2

dot tattoo 3

dot tattoo 4

dot tattoo 5

dot tattoo 6

dot tattoo 7

jessica kinzer1

jessica kinzer2

jessica kinzer3

jessica kinzer4

jessica kinzer5.pg

jessica kinzer6



jessica kinzer Ornamental Tattoos 7

jessica kinzer Ornamental Tattoos 8