As you probably noticed, we simply adore body art, in all its forms. Today we remain in the same field, only the approach will be different, thus the following artist isn’t using ink, but Natasha Farnsworth does use her girlfriend’s body as a canvas. She is here to give us some kick-ass relationship goals.

Inspired by German street artist 1010, she uses acrylic paint to transform her girlfriend’s back into surreal worlds filled with multicolored caves, galaxies, snarling snake emerging from a gaping wound, or surreal waterfalls. By giving it a 3D effect, it seems like you can just dive right into that particular cave, or touch the animal or feel the dripping waterfall. And the fact that they’re all drawn on her lover’s body lends the pieces additional romance and uniqueness. Transforming her loved one’s bare skin into a beautiful work of art, these trippy works of art can be classified under the “aaawww” exclamation.

Further more, her work is inspired by German artist 1010, paying a great homage to his intricate style. If you were impressed by her story and work of art, check out her Instagram and Etsy page. Maybe you’ll also check out the similar 1010‘s works of art.

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Natasha Farnsworth

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