A swing can be the best idea to accessorize your porch. Just looking at a porch swing invites relaxation. And swinging on one while daydreaming on a summer afternoon is even better. There are endless variations on swinging chairs and hammocks – the one that caught our attention brings an unexpected twist on this classic piece of furniture.

Created by craftsmen Matthew Cronheim and Justin Johnson the Arrowhead Porch Swing is built using only local lumber and rope, with no screws, nails or other fasteners. Instead, the bench is held together by woven ropes and expertly cut pieces of wood. The Arrowhead Porch Swing even features modern details such as cupholders and book stands.

Available in one and two-up widths, the bench is perfect for consumers who are looking for classic pieces that have been upgraded to complement a modern lifestyle.

Now just imagine sitting out on your porch on a summer evening, rocking, swinging your cares away…

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The Ultimate Porch Swing The Ultimate Porch Swing (Seats Two)

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