Valentine’s Day itself is pretty cliché – champagne and strawberries, roses and lingerie, sweet nothings and big romantic gestures. Whether you choose to see Valentine’s Day as a holiday designed to sell roses and chocolate or you really go in for all that mushy stuff, why not indulge whole-heartedly in the cliché and live it up on Valentine’s Day?

So if you’re going to surrender to the typical trappings of the day, you might as well surrender with the best. With the help of Edinburgh-based illustrator and textile artist Kim Smith you can make your partner feel special by giving them something really special – adorable miniature Valentine’s Day cards.

Measuring just 42mm x 28mm, each of these tiny illustrated greeting cards come with its own handmade envelope and even a sweet little sticker for sealing. Printed on high quality 280gsm card, these cards may be small in size, but they are definitely big enough to say those three words, sending your huge love to your special someone. Everything’s cuter in miniature, right? (Think: Puppies. Babies. Bite-sized Snickers.)

Check some of our favorite cards from the series in the image gallery below. If you want to send one of the world’s smallest and cutest Valentine’s Day cards, head over here.

adorable miniature Valentine's Day card - Kim Smith (1) adorable miniature Valentine's Day cards - Kim Smith (2)


sweet miniature Valentine's Day Card (5) sweet miniature Valentine's Day Card (6)


sweet tiny miniature Valentine's Day cards (3)

tiny miniature Valentine's Day cards (4)

adorable tiny Valentine's Day card - Kim Smith (7)