Whether you have a tattoo already, are thinking about getting inked for the first time, or just like the look of the permanent art, kickassthings.com is the place to come for inspiration. Ink enthusiasts ourselves, we are in a constant search of the best tattoo artists from around the world, bringing them to your attention for some ink inspiration.

Today we’re gonna go in Miami, widely known as the most tattooed city in America, more specifically at Inkaholik Tattoo’s shop called ‘The Chapel’, the place where we’ve found Yariel Barba, a tattoo artist that honors the profession.

Barba impressed us by the finesse and clarity of his realistic ink pieces, proving that he has the skills to execute a style that not all tattoo artists are able to master. With true dedication to the craft and a unique eye for detail, the artist with Cuban origins is able to create texture and depth in an image, with shading and intricate designs, mastering a very refined type of artwork that requires a great amount of talent to pull off properly.

As Olivia Wong said, “tattooing is just a technical skill, but tattoo art is when you bring your drawing, your art onto a piece of skin “- and Yariel Barba does not lack the talent for drawing. Looking through his portofolio, we can say that the artist excels in black & grey tattoos, but he definitely has a versatile hand and the skills to successfully tackle any style.

Scroll down to feed your ink addiction with Barba’s beautiful tattoos and ink the love in the comment section.

Black & Grey Tattoos That Will Make Your Jaw Drop - Yariel Barba (1)

Beautiful Black & Grey Realistic Tattoo Done By Yariel Barba (2)

awesome realistic tattoo done in black & grey (3)

best realistic tattoos in black & grey - Yariel Barba (4)

incredible hyperrealistic tattoo - Yariel Barba (5)

incredible realistic tattoo done in black and gray by Yariel Barba (7)

awesome black&grey tattoo - Yariel Barba tattoo (6)

tattoo done by Yariel Barba - Inkaholik, Miami

beautiful black & grey tattoos - Yariel Barba (10)

beautiful tattoo done by Yariel Barba from Inkaholik (8)

realistic tattoo sleeve done by Yariel Barba in black & grey ink (11)

beautiful black & gray tattoo (14)

realistic tattoos - Yariel Barba (15)


pet footprints tattoo - Yariel Barba

As we said, Yariel Barba has a versatile hand and the skills to successfully approach any style:

cute owl tattoo done by Yariel Barba from Inkaholik (9)

yariel barba tattoos (12)

awesome back tattoo done in black ink by Yariel Barba (16)

Yariel Barba - Inkaholik - Abstract Tattoos (17)

beautiful minimalistic tattoo done by Yariel Barba

colorful flowers tattoo - Yariel Barba - Inkaholik


photo credit: Yariel Barba ( Facebook | Instagram )