Across the globe, street art has never been more popular or more relevant, continuously evolving into new and exciting areas of creativity.

One of the defining things of street art is that an urban artist always creates in context, being inspired by the world he lives in. The inherent drive of a street artist to create is almost always shaped by the elements which are intrusively present in the community which he tries to influence. Thus it was impossible for street art not to collide with the UFC phenomenon, the most-renowned MMA platform in the world with millions of fans worldwide.

Fight fans to the core and also great lovers of street art, we’ve gathered together a few UFC inspired street art pieces – beautifully crafted physical manifestations of some of greatest fighters in the history of MMA.

Check out the image gallery below and use the comment box to tell us what’s your favorite one !

# Ronda Rousey mural  by artist Jonas Never in Venice, California:

UFC inspired street art - Ronda Rousey Mural By Jonas Never

# Ronda Rousey vs Floyd Mayweather Mural :

UFC Inspired Street Art (1)

# Murals of Conor ” The Notorious”  McGregor in Dublin :

Mural of Conor McGregor in Dublin

UFC Inspired Street Art - Conor Mcgregor

# “The Notorious” being revered in California through street art:

UFC Inspired Murals - Conor Mcgregor Street Art

# Mcgregor vs Brandao mural – Scorpions Gym’s MMA Room :

ufc artwork

# Nate Diaz Graffiti in Los Angeles:

Nate Diaz Street Art