If you want a unique tattoo, you should check his colorful and sketchy tattoos for inspiration. Felipe Mello is a Brazilian tattoo artist who combines multiple tattoo styles, including modern art and abstract realism, to form one-of-a-kind tattoos you’d see nowhere else.

There are several tattoo artists nowadays doing this watercolor/painting/sketched style, but the work of Felipe Mello is really exceptional.

When drawing a tattoo design, tattoo artists are passing by the same steps as other artists, including the raw sketch step. But some arty ink lovers don’t want their tattoo to look like a finish product. Where some see unfinished and imperfect lines, the Brazilian ink artist sees an art form.

Felipe enjoys the messy aspect of sketch tattoos, blending it with other contemporary graphic effects such as paint drips, watercolor splashes and sometimes geometric shapes.

His unique style explores quite a few themes but one of his main areas is nature and animals. It’s amazing to see how he can take common objects and make them look special.

If you are curious about contemporary tattoo art, you could be seduced by his original sketch tattoos. Artists like Felipe Mello prove that body ink is also a form of art.