Situated on Iceland’s famous geothermal spa, the Moss Hotel could be the best way to experience the Blue Lagoon, a spectacular location that is on most travelers’ lists of must-sees.

Because of their ever-growing popularity, these breath-taking Icelandic thermal pools became one of the country’s most crowded attractions – this is why Moss Hotel was designed, to allow visitors to upgrade their experience to something a little more private.

Opening in fall of 2017, the 62-room new luxury hotel will give guests exclusive access to the attraction’s reviving facilities. The Blue Lagoon expansion will also see the opening of a new dining room, the Moss Restaurant, and spa, known as Lava Cove. True to the environmentally-conscious spirit of the country, the new accommodations will be as sustainable as they will be extravagant, featuring clean geothermal energy powering the expansive complex.

The new hotel will offer visitors stunning views with floor-to-ceiling windows and terraces leading directly to the geothermal waters. For a broader view, guests can visit the hotel’s balconies to see the stunning scenery of the lava field. The goal of the new resort is to make its connection to nature as seamless as possible.

Of the complex’s food & drink offerings, Moss Restaurant will serve up traditional Icelandic dishes, with a seven-course tasting menu available at the Chef’s Table; drinks and hors d’oeuvres will be offered in The Lounge – an elegant bar on the top floor with views over the dramatic landscape from its terrace.

Hopefully you haven’t used your frequent flyer miles up on too many other off-the-grid vacation destinations, because this place will definitely worth your while!

Moss Hotel