Stunning Lagoon Tables Made From Marble And Resin

Furniture designer Alexandre Chapelin (of LA Table) has created an intriguing series of water-inspired coffee tables called “The Lagoon”. Each product is made from processed travertine marble. Subsequently, the pieces are filled with blue resin, which forms the volume, strikingly similar to the sea water. The vibrant blue resin was notably added in layers...
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LoveByte Captures The Different Interpretation Of Love With The Help Of Cute Illustrations

  After those funny Anti-Valentine Cards By Julie Ann, we’ve figured we could use another set of photos dedicated to the upcoming holiday, so we went searching. We stumbled upon LoveByte, a mobile app which provides for loving couples a private space for them to communicate, share things and remember precious moments. Actually, is...
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The Epic Beauty Of The Canadian Rockies Captured In Stunning Photo Series

A photographer who went travelling in the Canadian Rockies has come back with a stunning series of images showing off the region’s epic beauty. Jimmy Dau, a travel photographer from Australia who describes himself as “long term wanderer in search of adventure and captivating landscapes” is one of those who were bitten by the travel...
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