Couple Converts 16-year-old Van Into A Tiny House On Wheels

Do you dream about simplifying your life by downsizing to a tiny house on wheels? You’re not alone. In an era when bigger has always been better, many people are beginning to embrace a mantra of smaller is smarter and are moving into little homes on wheels. Norbert Juhász, a Hungarian photographer and his...
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Keep Nature Close With These Awesome Tiny Potted Plants Necklaces

If you love potted plants you know that there is something peaceful about nurturing plants and flowers. A lovely way to show off your love for greenery is by having a piece of nature with you at all times, However you can’t carry a potted plant with you everywhere, but would you wear one...
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Art & Design

Beautiful Tattoo-Inspired Art: New Tattooed Porcelain Figurines By Jessica Harrison

We’re back with an update on Jessica Harrison’s Painted Lady series, a re-imagination of the classical porcelain figurines in a nonconformist way: covered with awesome sailor style tattoos. The Scottish artist who has taken tattoo-inspired art to a whole new level has even more full skirts and full sleeves to share! She finds ceramic...
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