In a joke from the late 1970s, George Carlin once referred to a heavily tattooed person as a ‘mobile art gallery’, and further added that when ‘a guy like that dies, you don’t bury him, you stick him in a museum somewhere’.

How close to the truth is the joke of the well known American comedian ? If in the days when Carlin originally said it, tattoos were not seen as a form of art and they were associated with society’s “less than classy”  members, these days tattoos artistry and social acceptance of tattooed people have evolved so much that many find themselves getting tattooed simply for the love of the art.

With the evolution of tattoo techniques,  the advances in electric needle machines and pigments the aesthetic possibilities of a tattoo artist are only limited by his skills and imagination and indeed tattoos can become an art form on a fleshy canvas.

We could say that the only limit is the sky, but we would be wrong. The new ranges of color and accuracy of details allow tattoo artists to transpose on the skin almost any image so it did not take long for a new trend of tattoos to appear. We’re talking about architecture tattoos, a representation on skin of iconic buildings, historical landmarks or cities skylines, the perfect way to pay tribute to your favorite place.

Regardless of the style, the most important thing to remember  when you’re getting inked is to make sure it’s something personal. And what better way to keep memories of place or a moment than a tattoo of architectural inspiration ? It can be a building tattoo, a city skyline or maybe you decide to create your very own world in a sleeve or back-piece, with a fantasy cityscape, from science-fiction, book or a dream.

As expected, an architecture tattoo involves numerous, complex and spectacular lines and shapes so it can not be executed by anyone. As a good architect, a tattoo artist needs drawing skills to imprint a building on the skin.

You have a whole planet to pick your inspiration, the only thing to do is to find the right artist to execute such a style!

We made a gallery with our favorite tattoos of architectural inspiration, scroll down to see the world’s most famous buildings inked on the skin and use the comment section below to tell us what’s your favorite building tattoo.