As more people move into condos or try o squeeze extra space from their homes, multi-functional furniture has been enjoying a greater profile. But double-duty designs have long been dogged by one problem: to put it diplomatically, designers have placed more emphasis on utility than aesthetics. This is not the case for the  flOP armchair created by Elena Sidorova.

Now, however, style is right at the forefront. Elena Sidorova is a Russian designer from Moscow who understood that although there are many people buying condos or going into smaller spaces, they don’t necessarily want to sacrifice style for function.

The Moscow-based designer created Flop, an armchair that works beautifully as a sofa bed! The chair is upholstered in 100% wool, and features a hidden compartment within that hides away the mattress and pillow when not in use.

Colored in a beautiful gaudy yellow, the design armchair is fresh, modern and youthful. Whether you place it as a comfortable reading chair in our library, or as a color accent in the living room, Flop armchair creates a beautiful eye-catcher in the room.

A beautiful example of multi-functional furniture defined by simplicity, the flOP armachair can be proudly displayed throughout any home as the following pictures show!







flOP Armchair By Elena Sidorova