Do you need a storage facility for your extra belongings? With so many options available, it can be difficult knowing which is the best choice. It’s important to consider various factors before selecting the right facility. This blog post will discuss what to look for when searching for the top storage unit for storing your belongings that meets all of your needs!


You want to make sure that your items are safe and protected, so it’s essential to ask about the systems that the company has put in place. You want to put your stuff in a secure storage unit that will give you peace of mind knowing that nobody but you can get near them. Look for facilities with advanced alarm systems, good locks for the doors, a well-lit environment, and reliable surveillance cameras. Be sure to check recent reviews to get an understanding of how other customers have experienced the safety standards at that particular facility.

Top Storage Facility

Additionally, you should also inquire about what sort of insurance is available if something were to happen while your belongings are stored. By taking these steps and forming a clear picture of what kind of security features they offer, you can be certain that your items will be well-protected during their stay with the storage facility.


You want to make sure the facility is close enough that you can easily access your belongings when necessary – there’s no use having a space for your valuables if it’s too far away to be of use. Doing research into nearby facilities and seeking out reviews is essential when trying to narrow down your choices.

For example, if the unit is on the other side of town and you don’t have reliable transportation, it could be a huge hassle to get your stuff back when needed. Additionally, if the place isn’t conveniently located near any public transport or freeways, then it may be difficult for you to access it in an efficient manner.

Customer Service

Do reviews and ratings mention helpfulness from the staff? Are their employees experienced and well-versed in the features their facility offers? If things are due to go wrong during your stay, quality customer service is a must for getting any issues sorted quickly. Here are some signs that you’re on the right track:

  • responsiveness
  • empathy
  • professionalism
  • flexibility
  • personalization
  • follow-up
  • positive attitude
  • timeliness
  • problem-solving skills
  • proactivity

Sometimes a storage facility prices itself low but provides little to no quality customer service – it’s important to weigh the cost against the quality of service before making your decision. To make sure you get the best of both worlds, do a bit of research or – if possible – drop by in person to contact the staff directly and determine whether they could provide you with quality service while meeting your budget.

Climate Control

Climate control ensures that items are kept in a consistent environment, free from high humidity and temperatures which vary drastically. This kind of storage can be more expensive, but it’s worth it when looking after delicate paperwork, electronics, furniture, and artwork.

Plus, this type of environment is typically pest-free and much cleaner than non-climate-regulated spaces. Research the storage facility’s HVAC maintenance schedule to ensure your items will be properly looked after during their stay — and make sure you purchase insurance so you experience any losses or damages within the facility.

Unit Size

It’s important to get an accurate sense of how much storage space you need and whether you can maximize that space. Look for a built-in shelf or loft where delicate items and seasonal clothing can be stored; these are great opportunities for saving more room in your unit.

When determining what size is the best fit, calculate cubic footage by multiplying the length, width, and height of a unit together — this will give you an idea about the volume of items you can store in each unit size. Lastly, don’t forget that many facilities offer various-sized units so if you determine later on whether a bigger or smaller space would suit your needs better, it’s always an option!


When selecting a storage facility, it’s important to factor in how easily you’ll be able to access your items. What’s the proximity of the facility to your home or business? Is it easy to drive up to the unit, if necessary? What are the hours of operation and levels available to you that come along with that convenience? Do they offer other services such as pick-up and delivery or are there any special arrangements for disabled customers?

The more accessible a location is, the smoother and easier your experience with accessing value stored at that facility can be. So take into account these details when searching for an ideal storage option.

choosing the right storage facility

With all these considerations in mind, it is evident that choosing the right storage facility can be an overwhelming decision. Ultimately, it is important to weigh each of these aspects carefully so you can find a facility that meets your needs and fits within your budget. The best choice isn’t always the cheapest. Being aware of this, it is wise to prioritize what you are looking for and make sure you choose a storage solution that fits both your lifestyle and budget best.