It is not a secret that not all developed games become classics. In other words, some fantastic game features still need to be remembered for years. On the other hand, there have been a lot of games that have been widely played over the years but have been soon forgotten. The worst thing about this is that sometimes those games have brought something new or extraordinary for the overall gaming world, but time was cruel towards them anyway despite the fortune that those casino games witnessed; some games are worth revisiting. In any case, these games still demonstrate how diverse the gaming industry can be. Now foreign online casinos are showing similar things, like any where the games are very different from the usual ones. In this brief introduction, you will read about some of those machines and what made them so popular back then.

Forgotten mechanics in PC games

Here are some popular machines that are forgotten nowadays.

The Healing Factor – X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

This game was based on the Maligned movie. Even these days, you may find many fans of this game. The most interesting part of this game is the combination of its over-the-top violence and entertainment. Many fans also mention the use of Wolverine’s popular treating abilities as one of the main points. Unlike many action games, this game shows the damage taken to Wolverine’s body. If the main character is injured during a game, you will see chunks of flesh flying in the air. A gamer will see how wounds are cured when he stops getting damaged.

Time Portals – Timesplitters: Future Perfect (2005)

Adding Timesplitters: Future Perfect has made the game much more enjoyable compared to other media travelers who advise not to interact with your future selves; Cortex does not follow these rules. At the point when the main character cannot complete himself, his future selves come for help. So, the players should play the game from a future perspective. Highlighting the fact that four future selves can play simultaneously, come to convince that this mechanic is much cleverer than many could expect.

The Inventory System – Alone In The Dark (2008)

Sometimes games are forgotten for certain reasons, one of which refers to Alone in the Dark. Despite huge criticism, the game was popular for some inventory ideas. What players have collected is shown in the menu where the pause menu is supposed to be. The game is not posed even if the player wants to see their collection. This makes the game more tense and enjoyable. This may be considered a smart and intelligent mechanic.

The Whip – Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings (2009)

This one is one of the underrated games and has a license. The whip can be used for various purposes, from solving puzzles to altering the environment. It can also be used to disarm enemies and pose them in a position that will make attacks more likely and successful. Last but not least, the whip can be sued to prevent the heavy damage caused by environmental objects. The same whip is so similar to Indiana Jones to the greatest extent.


Alterations and the creation of new machines are quite expected for casino games especially in an online casino. New technologies bring new ideas and techniques to be used in various games along with new bonuses. Some games may fall off the radar for various reasons, but it does not mean they have been popular once. Even the most successful games may one day become uninteresting for players. Technology may also play an influential role in those changes. New technologies result in better inventions with gaming systems and their operating system. Finally, each generation is different from the previous ones, which means that what liked the previous one may be boring for youngsters.