Need a Replacement Solar Panel

Investing in a home solar energy system is an effective way to take control of your home’s energy needs and gain independence from the big energy companies. More than six percent of homeowners in the United States of America have taken the plunge and converted to solar energy for their homes. The solar energy benefits are notable, but you should always look out for broken solar panels.

Investing in the best solar panels is a wonderful way to keep your solar system up and running, but you’ll need a replacement solar panel at some point in your lifetime. The good news is that you’ve found the right resource to learn more about the signs that you have broken solar panels on your roof.

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Lower Performance and Output

A wise homeowner will monitor the performance of the solar panels regularly. Watching their performance gives you a baseline of what you can expect when your solar panels function fully. You’ll have difficulty identifying that you have a broken solar panel if you don’t know what to expect with energy collection.

It’s also possible to measure the output of your solar system and compare it with the ratings for your solar panels. It’s best to run this test at noon on a sunny day. Use the current and voltage displays to measure the performance of your solar panels.

Set the multimeter to a 10 amp scale to prevent damaging the meter during the test. If your panels produce less than 80 percent of the specified output, you need a replacement solar panel. Remember that all types of solar panels decrease efficiency by 0.5 percent yearly.

Physical Degradation

Another sign that you have broken solar panels is physical degradation and damage to the panels on your roof. Weather and debris will play a factor in the efficiency of your solar panels. It’s best to get more information about cleaning your solar panels to keep them collecting solar energy.

Most types of solar panels use tempered glass to resist damage from weather and debris like leaves and hail. It’s a durable material, but it’s not bulletproof. You’ll still need to check on your solar panels to ensure they’re intact. Large hailstorms can crack and damage the best solar panels, so always check them consistently to ensure they’re still functioning.

Cracked glass on your solar panels is dangerous since it allows moisture into the solar cells. Water causes more damage when it gets inside the solar panel. It will result in a solar panel that no longer works, and you’ll need to invest in a replacement.

Solar Panel Age

The age of your solar panels is another key consideration when you’re facing an issue like broken solar panels. Solar panels have a long lifespan, but it’s natural for them to lose efficiency as years pass. The average solar panel loses 0.5 percent of its efficiency each year.

The best types of solar panels have a lifespan of 20 to 30 years. They’ll start to deteriorate at a rapid rate after that timespan passes. If you know that your solar panels are approaching the 20-year mark, then it’s time to run a test to ensure they’re still functioning as designed.

An aged solar panel will not have the juice to keep up with your household’s energy needs. You also need to keep in mind that older 60-cell solar panels aren’t compatible with modern 72-cell panels. You’ll face replacing all of your broken solar panels and some that are still intact.


The discoloration is another clear sign that you have broken solar panels on your roof. You can’t expect your solar energy system to continue powering your home if your panels are discolored and starting to fail. Consult with a local solar panel company for help if you notice your panels displaying a burnt or discolored appearance.

This is a clear sign that the laminate on the panels is starting to corrode. The temperature distribution will suffer, and your solar panels will lose their efficiency when discoloration begins. Look for dark yellow and brown discoloration near the white conductor strips on your solar panels.

Broken Glass

Arguably the most apparent sign that you need a replacement solar panel is cracked tempered glass. The glass on your solar panels won’t shatter like a car window, but you can see micro-fractures in the glass if you look closely. You can also suffer from broken solar panels due to mishandling during the installation process.

Severe fractures can limit the efficiency of your solar panels drastically. Some fractures decrease solar panel efficiency by up to 2.5 percent.

Your home solar energy system will suffer and struggle to meet your household’s electrical needs. Take steps to purchase a replacement solar panel as soon as possible if you identify cracks or fractures in your home’s solar panels.

Counterfeit Solar Panels

It’s not common, but it’s possible that you’ve purchased knock-off or counterfeit solar panels when you invited in your home solar energy system. Counterfeit panels might look like the real deal, but their performance will suffer due to poor solar cells. These lesser cells will struggle to collect enough energy to provide for your family.

A seasoned solar technician will identify your fake solar panels in no time. If you’re worried that you need a replacement solar panel, contact an expert in your area. They’ll use their knowledge to guide you toward replacing your broken solar panels.

Now You Know When to Purchase a Replacement Solar Panel

Investing in a home solar energy system is an incredible way to help the environment and save money on your energy bills. You must maintain and monitor your solar panels to identify if you need a replacement solar panel for optimal energy collection. It’s also essential to check for cracks in the glass to keep water from damaging the cells.

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