commercial-grade appliances

Have you noticed that your commercial cooktop is not performing at its best lately?

When it comes to cooking for others, commercial-grade appliances play a vital role in the success of your business. If something happens to your equipment, it could mean major setbacks.

This is why it’s imperative that you learn how to care for and maintain your appliances. Keep reading for some expert tips on how to care for a commercial cooktop.

1. Clean the Cooktop After Each Use

It is important to maintain a commercial cooktop by cleaning it after each use. This can help prevent the buildup of grease, soil, and debris, as well as maintain the function of the cooktop and increase its lifespan. To clean the cooktop after each use, start by turning off the heat and allowing the cooktop to cool.

Then, use a soft cloth or a scrubber to remove any food or grease pieces, scraping away the stubborn bits. After this, using a mild degreaser and some warm water, wipe the surface and use a stainless steel polish to buff away any scratches or marks.

Lastly, use a clean cloth and warm water to remove the grease and residue, and dry the surface of the cooktop with a clean cloth. This process should be repeated to ensure the commercial cooktop is always in top condition.

2. Check Pilot Light or Ignition

If the pilot light is at a low flame, then it could cause the burners to not light properly. This could lead to you having to turn off the gas to relight the pilot. It is important to check the pilot light or ignition on a frequent basis to ensure that your commercial cooktop is functioning.

Additionally, if your cooktop has an electric ignition, then be sure to check the spark plugs as well. This way, you can ensure they are still sparking and that the ignition system is working.

3. Inspect the Burners

To maintain a commercial cooktop, inspect the burners. Look for clogged or blocked burners and ensure they are clear of debris or build-up. Use a steel or copper brush as necessary to clean the burner.

Regular cooktop cleaning will improve burner efficiency and will reduce the risk of fire accidents. Additionally, inspect the gas lines for corrosion and leakage. If the lines are not in good condition, they should be replaced. Clean the exterior of the cooktop to prevent the buildup of grease and dirt, which can cause a malfunction in the cooktop.

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Follow These Practical Tips for Maintaining a Commercial Cooktop

Cooktop maintenance is essential to extend the lifespan and preserve the performance of your equipment. Follow the tips above to ensure your cooktop is maintained—clean often to prevent grease build-up, and always use appropriate accessories.

For more detailed instructions, contact your cooktop manufacturer or seek out a certified technician. By following these guidelines, your commercial cooktop will be in top working order so you can keep the kitchen running.

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