If your car has been broken into and you have suffered property damage or loss, there are steps you can do to alleviate your suffering. Call a lawyer and seek financial compensation. If the incident involved a physical assault, you can be compensated for this suffering as well. We will recommend that you record all injuries, damages, and losses. Then, call a lawyer that specializes in lawsuits for negligent security and explain your case. We will also explain how compensation can help to make up for your ordeal and damages and how parking garage safety can be improved in the future. Read on to find out more about negligent security lawsuits.

your car has been broken into

Record Injuries or Losses

One of the first things you should do when you discover that your car has been broken into is record evidence of the incident and its repercussions. This includes taking photos of the scene, as well as any photographic evidence of injuries or property damage. Ask if the garage has CCTV footage as well.

The more evidence you have to prove that you have suffered emotional and physical distress, property damage, or property theft, the better for seeking compensation. You can also keep the police report and the medical record if you sustained injuries and saw a medic. This will help you in your premises liability case.

Contact a Lawyer

Then, after discovering that your car has been broken into in a garage, you will want to contact a well-reputed and reliable attorney who specializes in negligent security lawsuits. If you have experienced Negligent Security in a Parking Garage that resulted in the loss or damage of your property and/or a personal injury, you have a good case that a third person’s negligence is responsible for your suffering. This is the basis you need to pursue compensation in court.

A great lawyer will gather the evidence and argue that the person responsible for the security of the garage is either partially or entirely liable for the event. The amount of compensation awarded will depend upon the severity of the crime and the degree of liability of the third party.

Seek Compensation for Your Damages and Losses

In terms of seeking compensation for your damages and losses, it is important to note that there is a statute of limitations on premises liability claims that will vary from state to state. In Missouri, the statute of limitations is five years for this kind of negligent crime.

This means that you need to take the case to court within five years of the date of the event. If you delay in calling an attorney and begin the process of seeking compensation, you will risk reaching the statute of limitations and losing your chance to seek compensation.

You might be thinking that compensation cannot possibly make up for the losses and damages that you have suffered. While no amount of money can give you back the time you have lost dealing with this event, it can help you to fix your car, replace your missing or damaged items, and cover any medical bills you have had to pay due to the incident.

Compensation aims to cover psychological, physical, financial, and property damage caused by an incident for which you are not responsible. It is a great start in moving past the unfortunate event and maintaining your quality of life.

Important Steps to Take for Parking Garage Security

Garage owners can improve the security of their parking garages by inspecting the property regularly and thoroughly, installing adequate lighting, installing security cameras, hiring security staff, posting useful signage, and addressing potential hazards in a timely fashion.

If you suspect that the garage owner neglected to do one or several of these things, you probably have a good case for liability. If you own a garage, take these precautions to keep your patrons safe and avoid being accused of negligence.

gather evidence

In this brief guide to negligent security lawsuits, we have explained what to do if your car has been broken into. The first thing you should do is gather evidence and record the incident. Take photos of the damage to the car and any injuries you have obtained, and seek CCTV footage. This evidence will help a lawyer seek compensation in court for your suffering. We have explained why an attorney is so valuable to you if your car has been broken into and you are seeking compensation. Remember the statute of limitations on cases like these and do not delay in calling a lawyer. Finally, we have noted how parking garage safety can be improved to prevent further issues.