Unfortunately, many people participate in vehicle collisions every year, and some sustain injuries while others lose their lives in those crashes. The victims of a vehicle collision are affected physically, mentally, and financially after an automobile collision. In addition to healing physically from bodily injuries, the victims and their families also must deal with insurance companies who refuse to compensate them. For the victims to receive monetary compensation after a vehicle accident, they must first know what caused the collision. A Queens car accident lawyer can help the victims identify the cause of the collision and the compensation amount they are entitled to.


Many NY streets have a speed limit of thirty miles per hour. However, delivery trucks, taxis, trucks, and other vehicles usually disregard the posted speed limits to reach their destinations faster. A speeding vehicle is exceedingly difficult to control, and the motorist also has a slower reaction time to hazards on the road. Furthermore, speeding on icy or wet roadways increases the likelihood of spinning, skidding, or flipping over. Speed limits are put in place for a reason. Refusal to follow this simple rule can lead to a lot of damage in an accident.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving habits like losing focus or daydreaming can lead to a crash. Other distracted driving habits include eating, smoking, using electronic devices, and adjusting the radio or climate controls while behind the wheel. Being distracted while behind the wheel takes your attention away from the road. Those crucial seconds of looking away can mean life or death for someone. The driver should always be aware of their surroundings.

Reckless driving

Reckless driving is a very careless action that puts all road users in danger. Reckless driving involves failing to use turn signals, tailgating, ignoring a non-passing zone, and changing lanes too quickly. There are times when reckless drivers aren’t paying attention and run red lights. These behaviors are dangerous and can be deadly when it comes to accidents. It’s important to stay out of these drivers’ way and to call the police if you start to feel unsafe.

Driver fatigue

Lack of sleep reduces the motorist’s reaction time on the road. Fatigue can be as dangerous as driving while drunk. Unfortunately, fatigue and drowsiness are major contributing factors in many crashes every year and cause many preventable injuries and deaths. If you are tired, find a safe place to pull over or call a friend. Being tired while behind the wheel can be deadly for both you and other people around you. Do what you can to keep your fellow drivers safe.

Driving while drunk

Drugs and alcohol reduce the reaction time of the driver while he or she is behind the wheel. In NY, the blood alcohol content (BAC) limits are 0.04 percent for motorists operating a commercial motor vehicle, 0.02 percent for people who are younger than 21 years old, and 0.08 percent for people who are above 21 years old. You should not be behind the wheel if there is any type of substance in you. You don’t want to ingest anything that can affect your reaction speed and try to drive.

Weather and road conditions

No one can control the weather. However, you can avoid a crash by choosing not to operate your vehicle when the weather or road conditions are bad. This is because severe weather conditions like snow, rain, fog, and ice can create very unsafe road conditions. These unsafe conditions can make you lose control and crash. If you need to go out, check your local weather in case there is something you need to worry about. Rain can be just as bad as ice depending on how the roads are holding up.

Vehicle defects

A defective vehicle can cause a collision. If a victim engages in a crash caused by a defective vehicle, he or she can seek compensation from the vehicle manufacturer. You purchase vehicles with the idea that they have been routinely checked. But if something is wrong while you’re driving, that puts your life at risk. The manufacturer is responsible for making sure that they are putting out top-quality products. If they don’t, then they are required to pay you for the damages.


Road users can reduce the risk of being involved in vehicle crashes by avoiding distracted driving, driving while drunk, speeding, and reckless driving. In addition, motorists should avoid operating their vehicles under bad road or weather conditions or when they are fatigued or drowsy. Understanding these details can save you from future accidents. Always pay attention to your surroundings so you know what’s going on. This knowledge will save your life and other drivers.