Jeep vehicles are rugged. Their manufacturers made them to handle difficult terrain, and those who love these vehicles are enthusiastic about their capabilities. However, you can reveal a Jeep’s true value through aftermarket parts, such as all terrain tires, that allow you to pursue off-road adventures. Therefore, these are a few ideas to help you unleash your Jeep.

Enhanced Tires

When they leave the manufacturer, most Jeep vehicles don’t have off-roading tires. However, to take your vehicle off the road safely, you need the right tires. These new “shoes” for your Jeep should have an open tread and reinforced sidewalls so your vehicle has better grip, traction and strength. Off-roading tires are also softer so they flex when you drive over uneven terrain, giving you better traction.

Lift Kit

One of the first investments you should make in your Jeep is the installation of a lift kit, especially if you plan to navigate rocky or treacherous terrain. Your kit will raise your vehicle’s frame off its axles, so your undercarriage is higher off the ground. These kits increase your clearance so you can get over large boulders and through deep pits.

If you have never explored lift kits, you may ask, “What do you need to lift a truck?” The good thing is that you can find actual kits that provide you with everything you need to lift your Jeep. They contain control arms, transfer case kits and shocks to improve your vehicle’s clearance and angles.

Carry Recovery Gear

The last thing you want is to get stuck in the middle of nowhere. Therefore, you should load your Jeep with recovery gear. First, you should have some way to communicate when you have no cell reception, so you may invest in a satellite phone. Also, don’t forget your first aid kit.

Your vehicle needs specific gear as well. Consider a portable air compressor, which allows you to change your tire pressure so you get the best traction. You should also have winches, tow straps and a tree saver so you can pull yourself out of sticky situations. Traction boards can increase traction in sand or gravel as well. These supplies help you rescue yourself in areas where other drivers may not venture to often.

Body Armor

Although you want your Jeep to be capable of off-roading, you probably don’t want to see the damage off-roading can do to your vehicle. The mud and rocks can fling up and scratch your paint. You and your vehicle can become a muddy mess as water and muck splash upward from your tires. Therefore, to protect your vehicle and yourself, you can install fender flares that redirect the water and debris away from you and your Jeep.

Rock sliders also protect the sides of your jeep when you navigate rough terrain. They allow you to slide or deflect obstacles in the area while protecting your paint from scratches and dents. You can also invest in skid plates that protect your vehicle’s vulnerable underbelly.

You are just a few steps away from your off-roading adventures. Consider these and other upgrades to your Jeep to keep you safe and protect your vehicle.