Small businesses are always on the lookout for ways to promote their business in an affordable, surefire fashion. Promotional marketing campaigns have been a tried-and-true way to achieve this effect for decades. If you want to make your small business’s success skyrocket, you’ll need to consider investing in these top eight promotional products for small businesses in 2023:

1. Tote Bags

Small businesses need promotional products that are not only effective but that are affordable to invest in as well. If you’re looking for a product you can buy in bulk for cheap, look no further than recycled branded tote bags. These items are fantastic for packing customers’ purchases when they check out, and when customers use them in public, they will spread the word about your fantastic small business brand. Tote bags are also eco-friendly, especially when you buy ones made from recycled materials. You can even buy insulated tote bags if you want to make your gift even better!

2. Hand Sanitizer

Public health is key to having a strong community. If your small business wants to be known as community-minded, giving out free branded hand sanitizer at events and at your brick-and-mortar stores is a no-brainer. Hand sanitizer is ridiculously cheap (especially when bought in bulk), so even the most budget-strained small businesses can afford to use hand sanitizer as their next promotional marketing campaign giveaway item.

3. Hats

You’ll love the way your small business’s brand looks on a snazzy-looking hat. Hats are perfect for creating the amazing “walking billboard” effect, where you have customers wear clothing with your brand on them out in public. The more attractive the hat is that you give out, the more likely it is that customers will actually wear them in public, and create the highly-valuable walking billboard effect in the community that you’re serving.

4. Towels

So far, 2023 has had a very hot summer. With this in mind, giving your customers branded towels can help them keep cool and help them avoid becoming drenched in sweat, as the summer concludes. Towels are incredibly simple to brand, which helps them feel tailor-fit for promotional marketing campaigns. The more towels you buy, the cheaper your order is likely to be.

5. Keyrings

For a classic promotional item, keyrings are a great option. People need the ability to keep their keys and discount cards in one place, and a quality key ring is a tried-and-true solution. Keyrings can be branded by attaching a small fob piece to them. Manufacturers who create bulk orders of promo items know how to make your logo fit onto keychains in a stylish, simple, and effective fashion. Keyrings are perfect for businesses that have a limited budget, thanks to how cheap they are to buy in bulk.

6. Bumper Stickers

For a fun, creative way to promote your business, you can give out free branded bumper stickers to customers. However, this should be done in tandem with other, more inherently valuable/useful objects. The only way you’ll get customers to use your branded bumper stickers is by making them clever or beautiful. For this reason, only the most creative small business employees should try to use bumper stickers. But if you can make this item work, you can benefit from how insanely cheap they are to order in bulk.

7. Koozies

After a long, hard day of work, people want to kick back and relax. For those who love a cold brew or soda, having a comfy koozie to keep their hands from getting damp as they enjoy their post-work drink is key. Help them out by handing out cool-looking, brand-rocking koozies with your company’s information on them. This will give your small business a laid-back, cool image that will come in incredibly useful. As your koozies are inevitably used at local parties, your brand’s public visibility will skyrocket. In today’s competitive economy, being able to achieve this effect is key to running a successful small business that will last for decades to come.

8. Sunglasses

Let’s face it, everyone loves a pair of sunglasses. When those sunglasses are completely free, they love them even more. These two qualities are at the core of why small businesses have been using sunglasses during their promotional marketing campaigns for decades. Not only will you be giving the gift of effortless style (that will match nearly any outfit), but you’ll be helping to protect your community’s eye health as well. This one-two punch makes sunglasses a classic promotional gift for quality promotional marketing campaigns.