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Suppose you want to use custom clothing in home interior design. In that case, you should try to incorporate the colors, texture, and pattern of your fabric and clothing design to match and complement your existing decor. Experimenting with layering different fabrics and textures can yield some dynamic and visually pleasing results. You should experiment with the following:

How can you use custom clothing in home interior design? It turns out there are several ways. Here are a couple of ideas you can consider:

Use Custom Clothes for Upholstery

You can upholster pieces of furniture such as chairs, headboards, or ottomans with custom clothing. This way, you can create a one-of-a-kind statement piece or even transform and give life to your old furniture and make it shine again or fit with your new interior design, and skip investing in much more expensive furniture pieces that might not even fit with your new vision.

It is probably the most inexpensive way to transform your home because you will only invest in a couple of clothes and dedicate a bit of your time to coming up with some specific designs.

Textile wall hangings

Custom clothing allows you to come up with or choose from an already beautiful pattern or design. You can use that as textile wall hangings to change your home completely. With a wooden frame or hanging the item on a rod, you can create some unique and eye-catching focal points in your rooms.

Plenty of influencers showcase these techniques if you are active on social media, you will find them right away. It’s easy to do, highly visually appealing, effective, and affordable.

Decorative Throw Pillows

Pillows nowadays can completely transform any bedroom with their patterns and designs. But sometimes, you can’t find the right pillow size or design to fit your new room. In that case, you can use custom clothing with embroidered or beaded fabrics and repurpose them into decorative throw pillows.

These fabrics can easily cover even existing pillows, or you can create a new pillow from scratch by using the fabrics as the outer layer. The good news is that plenty of DIY videos are out there to help you.

Using Custom Clothing as Table Runners

Table runners can easily change the whole aspect of your kitchen table or living room table. If you have a custom clothing shawl, scarf, or other garments with a unique and cool design, you can add color and texture to your dining room.

To make good decor, drape the fabric over your table, but don’t forget to pair it up with complementary place settings. And don’t be afraid to let your imagination loose. If you have a white table, for example, gray or black table runners look really elegant and beautiful since these colors always complement each other.

There are many more ways you can use custom clothing to your advantage when it comes to home interior design. But in the end, all you have to do is experiment and come up with the right colors, designs, textures, and patterns and pair them up with your interior design.