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Vaping is one of the fastest ways to enjoy the potential benefits of cannabis. It is a growing trend since it is a great alternative to nicotine smoking. Thus, many cannabis companies are producing quality vape pen devices to meet the demands of cannabis enthusiasts looking for a great vaping experience.

The CBD market is awash with a wide variety of vape devices manufactured to meet users’ different tastes and preferences. Exceptional vape pens are manufactured using top-quality materials, have advanced features, and the vape juices are lab-tested for purity. Such vape pens give users smooth hits and tasty flavors after each puff.

Yet, selecting the right CBD vape device that suits your needs can be challenging. One of the best vape pens loved by many cannabis enthusiasts is JustCBD Disposable Vape Pen. Here is an in-depth review with valuable information about JustCBD Disposable Vape Pen to help you make an informed decision about the product.

What Is a CBD Vape Pen?

It is imperative to understand what a CBD vape pen is before we proceed to review the JustCBD device. A vape pen is a portable, hand-held device that provides a simple method of consuming cannabis. It is usually shaped like a pen and is used for vaping CBD.

Vaping is a common practice that mimics smoking. The vape pen contains vape juice, which gets heated and converted into vapor. Users inhale the vapors and experience the fast-acting effects of CBD almost immediately. Many cannabis fans or CBD users prefer using vape pens to regular cannabis joints, as these devices are discreet, simple, and convenient to use.

JustCBD Disposable Vape Pen

As the name suggests, the JustCBD Disposable Vape Pen provides pure, organic CBD hits and a seamless vaping experience. It is already pre-filled with 2ml of vaping juice containing 1000mg of CBD. Since the CBD extract in this product is full-spectrum, you can be sure of enjoying mind-blowing hits on the go. Moreover, this device comes with a pre-charged battery, so you won’t have to worry about recharging it.

The device contains 1,500 puffs of delightful and consistent flavors and potency. Thus, the duration of this vaping pen depends on the regularity of consumption and your personal CBD vaping habits.

If you are a beginner in the world of vaping, this portable vape pen is an ideal product. It has a sleek, sophisticated design that allows even inexperienced vapers to use it in public without causing a fuss.

Main Features

Let us explore an overview of the main features of the JustCBD Disposable Vape Pen

  • 1000mg CBD Concentration
  • 2ml pre-filled bottle
  • 1500 puffs per vape
  • Third-party Laboratory Tested
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • 0.2% THC

Product Description

This vape pen from JustCBD is a disposable device, equipped with a 2ml tank pre-filled with CBD vape juice. The CBD strength is 1000mg per vape with a 0.2% THC content. The powerful blend of full-spectrum hemp extract delivers CBD and other healthy cannabinoids, ensuring well-balanced effects and a mind-blowing vaping experience for users of all experience levels.

Overall Rating – 4.2 / 5

JustCBD vape pen has an overall rating of 4.2 stars out of 5, which is quite impressive. This means many customers prefer using the device to meet their vaping needs. Besides, 87% of people who purchase this product find it great for relaxation. It is a stylish vape pen containing pure cannabinoids, free from harmful additives.

CBD Type

As stated above, this vape pen is a disposable device, meaning you should discard it after depleting the puffs. JustCBD vape disposable vape pens are pre-filled with full-spectrum CBD vape juice. As a product with full-spectrum CBD, this solution has all the useful cannabinoids and terpenes present in the hemp plant. Some of the ingredients include CBD (cannabidiol), CBG, CBN, and natural flavonoids beneficial for the user’s health. It also contains minimal THC levels of up to 0.2%, which is enough for the entourage effect but won’t get you high.

Strain Formula

JustCBD disposable vape pen contains purified hemp extract sourced from top-quality Sativa strain, widely known for promoting relaxation and stress relief.


This vape pen from JustCBD has a sour diesel flavor. It gives users a pungent taste covered with hints of citrus and lemon fruits. This crave-busting flavor makes this vape pen a favorite among many cannabis enthusiasts.

Brand Reputation

JustCBD is one of the top-rated brands in the cannabis market. It produces high-quality CBD-infused products from organically-grown hemp. Launched in 2017, JustCBD has its headquarters in Florida. This company’s primary goal is to improve people’s lives by producing quality vapes that promote general wellness.

This brand has an impressive reputation online and among cannabis enthusiasts. The COA (Certificate of Analysis) for every product is available to the public, meaning the vape pens are tested independently in third-party labs for quality. Thus, this product is legal and has the required THC levels of less than 0.3%.

Here are a few advantages of the JustCBD brand:

  • Reliable company
  • Uses natural ingredients
  • Top-quality vape devices
  • Sophisticated vape designs
  • Reasonable prices.

Therefore, JustCBD is a reliable manufacturer with top-notch vaping products that will give you the best CBD experience after a few delightful puffs.

How to Choose a Good Vape Pen?

choosing a device

Now that we have enough information about the JustCBD Disposable Vape Pen, it is important to understand how to pick a safe and effective vape device when shopping for one.

Choosing a vaping device is an uphill task, especially in a flooded market. How do you know which one is legit and reliable?

Below are critical factors you should consider when purchasing a vape pen.

Customer Reviews

Reading customer reviews is crucial since it gives first-hand product data. Buying a vape pen blindly is not advisable because you might get a poor-quality product. Thus, research extensively on the company’s official website and influential review sites before making a decision. Check out what customers say about the vape pen – the features, advantages, complaints, etc. Customer reviews will give you the information you need to determine if the vape pen is worthwhile.

Brand Reputation

Choosing a reliable brand with a good reputation in the market is imperative. Brand reputation matters since it is a reflection of the company’s products. Go for the brand with a high customer satisfaction rate and one that has positive reviews. For instance, JustCBD is a reputable brand that meets the needs of its customers through quality products.


Knowing the ingredients in the vape liquid is a basic safety precaution you should follow. It will help you determine the quality of the vaping device and reduce the risk of lung damage. Since a disposable vape pen comes with pre-loaded vape juice, you can check the lab results to find the information. Vape pens with organic CBD and minimal THC levels of 0.3% or less are considered legal. Plus, you should also go for those with no additives or chemical compounds.

In addition, check if the brand conducts third-party testing in independent labs. This ensures you purchase a pure and consistent product.

CBD Potency

The potency of CBD in vape pens is also important for your safe and pleasurable vaping experience. Some devices contain a higher CBD concentration than others. As a beginner, start with a low-potency vape pen to avoid overdosing; you can always increase the dose later, as soon as your organism adjusts to CBD intake.

CBD Extraction Method

The brands that use safe, advanced extraction methods boast top-quality, naturally sourced cannabinoids in the vape juice. The best industry standard in CBD extraction is supercritical CO2 extraction; it’s better to buy CBD vaping juice with the hemp extract derived this way, as it is a guarantee of the absence of hazardous chemicals and solvents.


Overall, this just cbd disposable vape review reveals that this vape pen is an authentic product loved by many cannabis enthusiasts. It gives users high-quality CBD and a powerful sour diesel flavor. Besides, the laboratory results are publicly available, meaning the brand is legit and provides top-notch products to CBD consumers. Therefore, if you are a beginner looking to start your CBD vaping journey, you can try JustCBD Disposable Vape Pen and enjoy a mind-blowing experience.

The author of this material is Tia Moskalenko, a blogger at AskGrowers and a passionate advocate of the CBD industry. Tia conducts endless market studies and analyzes popular products with available research data and on her personal experience to advise top-quality merchandise with real health benefits to her readers.