Vacationing for most people meant going to fancy hotels and tourist destinations for decades. Now, things have changed.

When the global pandemic hit us, we realized how little we appreciate our freedom of movement. When they lifted the restrictions, more and more people started enjoying trips and vacations with their vehicles, on foot, and other transportation solutions, but many began avoiding crowded places and overpriced hotels.

If you’re among the many who realized how much you enjoy nature trips, you will love the story about modern-day vacationing and camping in nature. In this article, we’re talking about the art of camping and enjoying the great outdoors to the fullest. Follow up and read more about it.

Camping is the new 5-star experience

An expensive hotel with various treats is no more the number one idea for vacationing. Although it may be the perfect solution for some, more people are now into spending the night in a tent. Just like hotels provide the highest levels of commodity, many tents of today are designed to be even more comfortable and spacious.

If you’re thinking about tents and camping as something uncomfortable, think again. Modern tents are made spacious and even glamorous. This type of camping, also known as glamping, connects the luxurious lifestyle and the ability to enjoy the benefits of nature.

In other words, you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable. Of course, it’s best to wear sneakers instead of high heels when going to nature, but you can consider this as the dress code specified for the event.

It doesn’t have to be lightweight packing, but it’s best

With the previous point, you will probably get the idea that camping is best done with tons of equipment and items you must drag to nature. The real feel is quite different. Most people that enjoy camping will go lightweight and leave most of the stuff at home.

In nature, you enjoy the sounds of the birds, the fresh air, and the amazing sights. You don’t need an expensive coffee machine, a big-screen TV, or something similar. The beauty is in the little things, and to enjoy them, you don’t need anything else but your will and dedication.

Driving to a different location every day

Some love setting the tent and spending a week there. They’ll hike, fish, swim, or climb mountains. These people will find ways to entertain themselves, but others are not so happy staying in a tent for a week. They prefer travelling and exploring.

Australians are the ones who love this type of vacationing the most. Hundreds of thousands of them do this for fun every weekend. They upgrade their utility vehicles with the right equipment and hit the road. Australian UTE canopies are some of the most commonly used storage solutions out there.

Enjoying nature and its treats

There’s something in reconnecting with nature. When you’re camping, you get the chance to see how our ancestors felt. You enjoy everything the great outdoors has to offer. From spectacular views that no city will ever provide to that mesmerizing sound that the leaves of the trees make when there’s a breeze going through them.

Going to a hotel will never allow you to sit on the edge of a cliff, close your eyes and meditate while listening to this amazing sound. Going back to civilization after this type of experience is something else. This is why so many people dedicate themselves to these adventures.

Great talks and a relaxed atmosphere are better than glam parties

You can find glamorous parties at every corner, but a great friend with whom you can spend hours talking to is getting harder and harder to find. In nature, people tend to be more loving and approachable. They love spending time talking to their friends and generally provide a positive atmosphere.

Imagine sitting around the campfire, listening to the sparking and crackling sound of the fire and spending hours talking about various subjects. There’s no greater joy and better spent time. It will bring up old feelings and make you relaxed. When you go back to your regular life, you will feel like your batteries are entirely refilled.


These few points are everything you need to know about camping, and why it is the next five-star vacation. You can do it by going to a designated place in nature and sleeping in a tent for a few days, driving with your UTE to different locations constantly, or trying a glamping experience.

Whatever you choose, be sure that you’re making the right choice. Plan accordingly, and you’ll surely have a wonderful experience. If you love to be mobile, pack lightweight and carry nothing more than the tent and a backpack with essentials, but if you love a more extended experience, then a vehicle with a toolbox canopy is what you need.