Moving is one important sphere because it helps people and businesses move quickly to the most profitable places for them. It is not only about the comfort of individuals but also about economic growth and efficiency. Based on statistics in the USA, there were 17,251 moving businesses providing their services across the country.

A free market and healthy competition enable those moving companies that provide the best services to prosper effectively. One of the best examples of such companies is

Using ZeroMax as an example, you will learn about the key features to consider when you want to get a high-quality moving service at a reasonable price.

checking the feedback


In the modern digitalized world, you have plenty of opportunities to filter suspicious moving companies by checking the feedback of their clients on review sites. Make sure you choose unbiased and independent platforms as the following:

  • Best Business Bureau;
  • Yelp;
  • Consumer Affairs;
  • Google Reviews, and so on.

Even if the company features mostly positive feedback, do not neglect to read negative ones. It is important since there may be drawbacks most clients do not pay attention to, but for you – they may be critical.
Among them, there may be a rigid schedule, blurred T&Cs, absence of trucks with climate control, and no special equipment (for example, for loading and transporting artwork, antiques, and more.).


Credentials are another feature many clients do not consider. When you order service from a licensed and insured company, you can expect your customer rights to be observed in any dispute situations. Plus, such companies provide their services according to industry standards.

For example, if you head to the appropriate section of ZeroMax, you can see the U.S. Department of Transportation + New York State Department of Transportation numbers. Additionally, you can check the unique identifier assigned by the FMCSA to interstate moving companies (MS number).

Range of Service

Though this option is number three, most clients start by evaluating the company’s services. Even if you need to move a wardrobe, fridge, or other quite standard thing, you should select a company that offers a wide selection of moving services.

It is an indirect sign of a greater company’s experience and its level of competence. For example, ZeroMax offers the full range of services, including the following:

  • Local moving;
  • Residential;
  • Moving boxes;
  • Commercial;
  • Flat fee;
  • Long Distance;
  • Same Day Moving;
  • Fine art moving;
  • Storage.

Any trustworthy company tries to cover the needs of those who want to move any item, from an armchair and shelves to a bicentennial grand piano and fresh frozen fruit. Ordering moving from such a company, you understand that it has qualified specialists who understand how to keep climate control, load fragile items, unload bulky items without damage, and more.


Ease of Use

A trustworthy moving company such as ZeroMax is always client-oriented. It means it does its best to adapt to your needs, including changing the schedule, optimizing the route, and offering free consulting services.

Make sure the company has a well-designed website. It must obtain key information about the company’s license, clients’ reviews, pricing policy, affiliate program, contacts, etc. Pay special attention to the moving calculator. It is a handy option that allows you to get the approximate cost of your moving based on the data you input. You can simply input all the locations, types of items to move, extra conditions (elevator, flight of stairs, and so on), and required dates.

Next, the program analyzes input data and shows you the approximate cost. You can easily step back, make adjustments, and recalculate the price. It significantly saves you time since you do not need to resolve all these issues with customer support service directly.

Customer Support Service

Even if you calculate the cost of moving and create a route, you need to contact the customer support service to finalize the order. Here is a tip: always test the company’s experts in advance.

There may be questions like “Do you move the piano?” or “Which banking methods do you accept?”. The main idea here is to check the quality and time of response. Always consider the communication channels the company offers. For example, ZeroMax allows its clients to contact experts via phone, email, and live chat.

Additionally, there are developing groups on popular social networks to contact the company’s specialists. It can help you create a big picture about the company and bring an understanding of potential problem resolution.