Summer is at its peak and we all seek for a way to cool off and hide from the heat and what better place to enjoy a little coolness than a treehouse? And although the heart of intown Atlanta, Georgia, was not the first place that came to mind when we thought to present you a summer retreat, we stumbled across an amazing secluded treehouse located in an urban forest.

Peter Bahouth, a former Greenpeace executive director created an arboreal wonderland to serve him as an oasis of peace and relaxation. Using a trio of nearly equidistant trees found near his home, the environmentalist has built a beautiful rustic structure made of three separated treehouses interconnected by a series of suspended rope bridges.

The three rooms of this treehouse have been named ‘Mind,’ ‘Body’ and ‘Spirit’ by its owner. One building houses a bedroom with an indoor/outdoor bed to sleep under the stars, one hosts a relaxation area complete with dart board and hammock, while the last building is home to a living room.

This arboreal retreat is like a daydream brought to life for most of us, a real enchanted treehouse for grown-ups and unlike many of the treehouses featured on our website in the past, this one is actually available to rent and comes fully stocked with wine, coffee and plenty of snacks. The whole thing is available at $275 a night.

secluded treehouse

arboreal retreat

secluded treehouse in Atlanta

secluded treehouse in Atlanta


magical treehouse