What’s the Big Deal About Curb Appeal?

Imagine your house is on a dating app. The first thing people judge? How it looks from the outside. That’s curb appeal. And guess what? Adding cedar window boxes is like giving your house a cool profile picture. They make your house look lively and stylish, showing off its best side.

Why Cedar Rocks


Looks Cool Now, Looks Cool Later

Cedar is like that pair of jeans that gets better with age. It starts with a warm, cozy color and then gracefully turns into a classy silver-grey. This means whatever style your house rocks, cedar will make it look even cooler.

Tough as Nails

Cedar doesn’t just look good; it’s also tough. It laughs in the face of rot, decay, and bugs. Rain or shine will stick around, ensuring your house looks great year after year.

For those who are looking for even more durability and convenience, consider custom cedar window boxes with solid PVC construction interiors. These are rot-proof, insect-proof, impervious to water, and guaranteed for life against rot and construction failure.  The wood portion is constructed on the outside, never in contact with standing water and soil while planting in the box, giving it superior strength.

Custom Cedar Boxes: Your Style, Your Way

Make It Your Own

Ever wanted something made just for you? That’s what custom cedar window boxes are all about. You can have big, small, fancy, simple – whatever you want. It’s like tailoring the perfect outfit for your house.

Matching Your House’s Vibe

Whether your house is modern and sleek or cozy and traditional, there’s a cedar box design that fits like a glove. Pick a style that shows your house’s personality, and you’re all set.

More Than Just a Pretty Face


Secret Privacy Shield

Place these boxes right, and voila, you have a privacy screen. It’s like sunglasses for your windows – you can see out, but nosy neighbors can’t see in.

Save the Bees, Grow Some Greens

Cedar boxes are more than decoration. They’re like mini gardens that bees love and help your city look greener. Plus, you can grow your herbs or veggies. Imagine grabbing some fresh basil without even leaving your kitchen.

Keeping Them Looking Great

Stick Em Up, Right

Making sure your boxes are properly attached is a big deal. You want them to be safe and sound, not crash during the next rainstorm.

Easy Upkeep

Cedar is low-key. A little clean here, maybe a stain there, and it keeps looking fantastic without much fuss.

What to Plant: Seasonal Style

Looks Cool

Spring to Summer: Go Wild with Color

Imagine your window boxes are like your wardrobe. You ditch the heavy coats in spring and summer and jump into colorful t-shirts, shorts, and dresses. Your window boxes should do the same! This is the time to fill them up with flowers in bright, eye-catching colors.

You want your window boxes to be a party of colors that make everyone think of sunny, happy summer days. Go for flowers like petunias, marigolds, and pansies – anything that blooms in a color that makes you smile.

Fall to Winter: Keep It Cozy

Now, when fall rolls around and then winter, it’s like pulling out your favorite cozy sweaters and warm blankets. Your window boxes need to change their “outfit,” too. Pick plants that can handle the cooler weather – think of them as the comfy, warm clothes of the plant world.

Evergreens, ornamental cabbages, or even some hardy flowers like winter pansies can keep your window boxes looking good, even when it’s chilly. Plus, you can add some decorations, like mini pumpkins for fall or some pinecones and twinkling lights for winter, to make your home feel extra cozy and welcoming from the outside.

Real Talk: They Really Work


Before & After Magic

Imagine watching one of those TV shows where they transform someone’s look in just an hour but for your house. That’s what happens with these cedar window boxes.
Houses that once looked ordinary or plain suddenly become eye-catching and full of character. It’s like giving your home a quick, stylish makeover just by adding these boxes filled with plants or flowers. The “before” is your house as it is now, and the “after” is your house looking its best, like it’s ready for a magazine photoshoot.

Happy Homeowners

People who decide to put these cedar boxes on their windows end up really happy they did. Why? Because it beautifies their homes, making them stand out and feel special. Beyond just looking good, these boxes add a bit of joy to their lives. It’s pretty satisfying to look out your window and see a mini garden or to come home to a house that looks welcoming and cared for. It’s about more than just curb appeal; it’s about making your living space a place that brings you happiness every time you see it.

So, What’s the Verdict?

Cedar window boxes are a game-changer for making your house look its best. They’re not just pretty; they’re practical, durable, and customizable. It’s a smart move for anyone wanting to boost their home’s curb appeal. Think of it as a small investment that pays off big time, making your house the star of the street. Why not give your home the glow-up it deserves?

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