Trucks today are used for more than just moving and hauling dirt, rocks, or soil from point A to B. They are also used for play and one way to upgrade the functionality and style of your trucks is by adding some truck bed accessories.

These accessories can help maximize the use and durability of your truck because, without protection, the only sure way to keep your truck bed looking good is by never using it to move or haul anything.

However, there are different truck bed accessories out there. It is important to understand the purpose you want them to achieve to choose the best for your truck.

Truck bed liners

A Bedliner for Trucks is used to protect the truck’s bed from impact and abrasive damage. If you frequently use your truck for work, the cargo hauled in it might bend the metal on the cargo bed.

Aside from that, if not protected, the bed of the truck can get damaged by the sun or other natural causes like snow, rain, and hail.

Types of truck bed liners

There are three types of bed liners to consider for your truck:


These are perfect for truck owners who are still deliberating on whether to use permanent bed inserts.

It is affordable and capable of protecting the bed of your truck from minor scrapes. If you will not be hauling frequently, this bed liner should be enough to protect the bed of your truck. It is also very easy to remove and replace.

Drop-in liners

Truck drop-in bed liners are designed to safeguard the bed of your pickup truck against scratches. It is more expensive than mats but offers better protection.

It is custom-fabricated for individual truck models and can be easily installed using DIY methods.

Spray-on bed liners

Spray-on truck bed liners are the most expensive truck bed liners. However, they offer the best protection and are long-lasting.

Aside from protecting against scratches, it can also protect your truck bed from rust. It also fits perfectly but requires the service of an expert to fix it.

Tips to choose the best bed liners for your truck

To choose the best bed liner for your truck, consider the following:

  • The average weight of the goods you will be hauling
  • Size and shape of your cargo
  • How often your truck bed is exposed to harsh weather
  • Frequency of use

Truck racks

Truck racks are also known as ladder racks. This accessory is generally used to move long and bulky items that may not fit in the bed of your truck.

They are designed to hold items such as ladders in place when transporting them in your pickup truck.

Types of truck racks

  • Standard cab
  • Extended cab
  • One-piece or multiple racks
  • Ladder racks for service bodies

Tips to choose the best truck racks

  • Consider what you will be hauling
  • Identify the maximum total weight your truck can haul
  • Weigh the advantages of steel versus aluminum

Tonneau cover

Truck beds when exposed to sunlight can get damaged by UV rays. However, accessories like tonneau covers can help prevent that.

Tonneau covers are simply pickup truck bed covers. They are designed to fit over the bed of the pickup truck to protect it against UV ray damage and keep items in the truck’s bed safe.

Types of tonneau cover

Retractable tonneau covers

They are made of aluminum or fiberglass. The design allows partial or full exposure of the truck bed to access your cargo.

Foldable tonneau covers

Foldable tonneau covers are designed to fold into sections, a characteristic that makes them easy to unfold and store when not in use. It is a perfect choice for pickup truck owners who seldom access the bed of the truck.

Roll-up tonneau covers

This type of tonneau cover is usually made of soft vinyl with velcro on the sides to secure them in place.

They are categorized into two: soft and hard. The roll-up tonneau covers, especially the soft ones, are very easy to install, even without tools.

Tips to choose the best tonneau cover for your truck

  • Decide on the preferred materials for your tonneau cover: vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum
  • Choose a tonneau cover that can be easily installed and removed whenever you need to access the cargo area
  • Use a tonneau cover that does not reduce the overall storage space of the truck
  • Ensure the cover is durable, tough, and high-quality
  • The cover should offer enough coverage and security for items stored in the truck
  • Consider your budget, as there are cheaper and more expensive options. The best should be decided on the primary usage and your budget for such expenditure.