Chat sets are so much more than your ordinary, everyday outdoor furniture. It is designed to maximize the use of the space for hanging out while you eat and drink and chat away with your friends and family.
The outdoor furniture you need will depend on a few things, which will be detailed below. But first, you must know what your final ideas are. You must match your thoughts with the available chat sets and go from there.

1) How Much Space Do You Have For A Modern Chat Set?

The first thing that you need to analyze is how much space you have. You need to know if you want to keep everything on the patio or if you plan to expand some of the set into the yard. You will want to write down some measurements to fit the set into the space when you go shopping.

  • Measure the width of the patio
  • Measure the length of the patio
  • Take note of the space around the door that needs to be left open
  • Measure the width of the yard (if using it)
  • Measure the length of your yard (if using it)

Accurate and exact measurements need to be done to ensure that you get the perfect set for the size you have available. You never want to buy using estimations because you may end up with a chat set that cannot be placed where you want it to be. Or worse yet, a conversation set that you have to return because it is not the correct fit.

2) Best Materials For A Modern Chat Set

  • Frame – The frame needs to be weatherproof and sturdy. The best materials are stainless steel, treated aluminum, or wood that has been treated (including wicker and rattan.)
  • Cushions – The best cushion materials will be duck canvas or treated cotton because they must go through all types of weather.
  • Pillows – Outdoor pillows must also be made of a sturdy canvas or treated cotton.
  • Rugs – The only throw rugs or carpets you should ever have outside are those designed specifically for outdoor use.

Basically, you want items designed for your outdoor modern chat set. You may run into products that are good for both locations, such as indoor/outdoor carpets, but make sure they can hold up to the wear and tear of the outdoors.

3) How Many People Visit You And Your Chat Set?

You need to know the number of people you may have visiting you at one time. That number will be how much seating you will need at one time. Children do not necessarily have to be counted because they are always on the go. What you want to keep in mind are the older children and the adults that want to sit around and chat.
This number will also have to be factored into how much room you have available. If you have enough space for four people, you may not want to invite your entire group of office friends over for a drink. Unless you have expanded your lounge area out into the yard if you have, then go for it.

4) What Are Your Preferred Styles?

Your style is unique to you, and you probably already have an idea for your outdoor chat set. You need to keep in mind, though, that the furniture needs to match its surroundings. If your home is painted bright pink, you would not want to buy some red furniture.
Take the time to evaluate how the pieces would look where you are putting them. Plus, how they would look with the surroundings. You do not necessarily want them to blend in because you want the chat set to stand out a little, but do not go so far overboard that people think you have horrible taste.


Choosing the perfect outdoor chat set is not as difficult as it may seem. After all, the space is yours, so you can do whatever you want to with it. Modern designs are lovely and will definitely get you some positive attention.
But if you have a unique style that you want to display, go for it. If someone you have over to chat with does not like it, they can go back home and not be invited over again.