Tattoo inspiration can come from anywhere, and the most reliable resource is, as always, Mother Nature. An endless source of tattoo ideas for as long as there has been body art, the natural world is where we found the next ink piece for your skin canvas. After all, meaningful tattoos can be a cool way to showcase your personality, and what better way to this than with some awesome turtle tattoos? Not only do they have a pleasant aesthetic, they are also full of significance, as you will find below.

Turtle Tattoos Symbolism and Meanings

To ensure you don’t end up regretting your turtle tattoo in ten years’ time, it’s best to know the symbolism behind this fascinating reptile. One of the four sacred animals in the Chinese culture, it’s said that the turtle carries the world on its back, its shell containg the secrets of earth and heaven.

Universally the turtle is known as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, whilst also being a sign of good fortune and longevity. Often depicted as a symbol of patience, the turtles teach us how to survive during bad times until things improve for the better. These amazing creatures remind us to move at steady pace and enjoy the process, not rushing getting to a destination. Life is all about enjoying the journey.

With their strong shells, turtles are the supreme symbol of protection. Used as amulets or totems, they keep evil spirits away and protect people’s health and life. So what better way to have a shell of protective energy surrounding you than some beautiful turtle tattoos?

Slow Down, Take It Easy, and Enjoy These Amazing Turtle Tattoo Ideas

Now that you decided that a turtle-inspired tattoo is perfect for you, it’s time for some visual inspiration. We dove into some impressive ink portfolios created by skilled artists from around the world, to bring you the best turtle tattoos you can find on the web. Whether you want to get a fine line, delicate tattoo or a colorful, watercolor one, the possibilities are endless. Check out this comprehensive list of turtle tattoo designs, it will help your quest for the perfect tattoo!

best turtle tattoos

tattoo artist © gumu ink

turtle tattoo ideas for girls

tattoo artist © CHAN|@chanxtattoo

tattoo inspiration 2022

ink artist © Sasha Kiseleva

tattoo ideas for girls

tattoo artist © Sasha Unisex

turtle art

ink artist © Zlata Kolomoyskaya

beautiful turtle tattoos

tattoo artist © O B I | @obi1.0 

watercolor turtle tattoo

ink artist © Mai Zait Tattoo

cute turtle tattoo

tattoo artist © Giulia Del Bianco 

fine line tattoo

ink artist © ???|

best tattoo ideas 2022

tattoo artist © @rachelwoodtattoo

turtle tattoos

ink artist © ???? ???? ??????

colored tattoos for girls

tattoo artist © DARIA ✦ STAHP 

tattoo inspiration 2022

ink artist © Francisco Lim

matching turtle tattoos

tattoo atelier © Fräulein Bunterkunt

cool tattoos for girls

tattoo artist © ????|@wicked_mars

watercolor ink piece

ink artist © Adrian Bascur

cute tattoo ideas for women

tattoo artist © Panna Wiśnia

best turtle tattoos on the internet

ink artist © Robson Carvalho 

best turtle tattoos for girls

tattoo artist © MiL Et Une

small turtle tattoo

ink artist © Clarissa J Mateo

cute tattoo ideas for women

tattoo artist © Terez Ink

beautiful turtle tattoos for girls


cute tattoo ideas

tattoo artist © Sebastián|@sebstatts

baby turtle tattoo

ink artist © Marco del Prete

beautiful turtle tattoo ideas

tattoo artist © Brad Simmons

colored tattoo ideas

ink artist © Qiqi|@newtattoo_qiqi

best tattoo ideas

tattoo artist © Shelly Dror

awesome baby turtle tattoos

ink artist © The Sea Hag

colored turtle tattoos

tattoo artist © Tathy Venturelli

fine line turtle tattoos

ink artist © @flat_tattoo

turtle art

tattoo artist © Lilian Raya

cool tattoos for girls

ink artist © ?????? ?????

turtle art

tattoo artist © Tattooist Gru

colored turtle tattoos

tattoo studio © Przenikanie

geometric turtle tattoo

ink artist © A N N O E

watercolor tattoo ideas

tattoo artist © Hei|@tattooist_hei

best turtle tattoo ideas

ink artist © @azaktattooer

floral turtle tattoo

tattoo artist © MiL Et Une

best tattoos for girls

ink artist © Vanesa Carricaburu

matching turtle tattoos

tattoo artist © STUDIOBYSOL_choiyun

awesome turtle tattoos

ink artist © ????? ??????

delicate turtle tattoo

tattoo artist © SSaʍɨ

super cute baby turtle tattoo

ink artist © Hakro Jones

cool tortoise tattoos

tattoo artist © Σ V Λ T Λ T T O O

amazing tattoo ideas

ink artist © @la_source_tattoo

super cute turtle tattoos

tattoo artist © YUN|@tattooist_yun

matching turtle tattoos

ink artist © Tattooist eden_

small turtle tattoos

tattoo artist © Yorgos Frag

tattoo inspiration 2022

ink artist © @sinichka.tatts

awesome turtle tattoos

tattoo artist © Gonca Savi

awesome tattoo ideas

ink artist © STUDIOBYSOL_choiyun

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